Commercial Design

Commercial design is all about people.

 As your company grows, everything should reflect your brand and values. This includes the place where you do business.
Whether your facility is designed to welcome customers, to be a workplace for staff, or a combination of both, you want it to say something about who you are. Equally important is how the design enhances productivity, promotes profitability, and aids in business attraction.
Wightman & Associates’ architects and interior designers are experienced in developing human-centered commercial building design. We focus on visual alignment with your brand and the development of spaces where you and your staff can get the job done.
As architects with a passion for aesthetics and practicality, we incorporate the latest research-based techniques to enhance acoustics, lighting, temperature control, and air quality for overall health and comfort. Studies show this increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and bolsters overall employee satisfaction and moral.
And that’s simply good for business.
Through the Design Thinking process, we listen carefully to your needs and goals, plans for the future, and how your new building will contribute to the success of your business. We also pay close attention to your budget and timeline.
For complex projects, we have access to in-house land surveying, environmental services, and civil engineering capabilities. This team of professionals can lend their expertise to your project if needed.
By pairing your vision with our design knowledge, we deliver a series of unique design solutions. Together with you, we review, evaluate, and refine the options into a plan that will help your business prosper.
Areas of commercial design expertise:
  • Workplace and office settings
  • Banking and financial
  • Restaurant, hospitality, and retail
  • Manufacturing
Services offered: